Russian Hill

San Francisco, CA

This collaborative project focused on revitalizing the home’s yard space, converting it into an urban oasis with an imported water sculpture as its centerpiece.

The seismically reinforced perimeter wall has a custom-colored hydraulic lime plaster finish, and incorporates the home’s original fence, around which we installed a water-saving drainage system and all-weather integrated lighting.

A moveable stainless steel wall conceals the outdoor kitchen, featuring a custom-built natural gas BBQ, sink and wet bar.

On an adjacent part of the property we built a custom sport court with telescoping net wall that rises up from the court surface. And a fold-down bar surface transitions the aesthetic from the garden to active space.

    Russian Hill

  • Landscape Architect: Topher Delaney | Seam Design
  • Steel Work: Sand Studios
  • Photographs: © David Duncan Livingston