Working within a shared residential high-rise building brings a unique set of demands and logistics, to which we apply our expertise in proactive construction strategy and risk management. We treat your whole building as our client, effectively communicating with the facility staff and neighbors to ensure a smooth, efficient process.


Your project team is experienced in implementing well-ordered, synchronized construction phases, and orchestrating the numerous specialty trades and craftsmen who will work in your unit.

We adeptly move materials and equipment in and out of your building with ingenuity and efficiency. When transporting oversized items to and from street level—structural steel, extra-large pre-built components, etc.—we work closely with your building to devise the best solution and ensure safety.


We understand the complexities of high-rise infrastructure from many years working in these buildings. Your jobsite staff will quickly become conversant in the unique conditions of your building, enabling them to do the careful, intricate work of dovetailing your design into its environment.

Exceptionally professional and articulate, we use state-of-the-art management tools to map out and track the budgetary and scheduling impacts of your project for you, so that you can make value-driven, well-informed decisions.


Carefully orchestrating the times when work in your unit will impact building access, systems, stairways, elevators and common spaces is essential to good building relations.

We are accustomed to working with HOA covenants and requirements, such as noise level parameters and shorter working days, and make it our daily concern to minimize disruption and look after the greater building community’s interests.

Pac Heights High-Rise

San Francisco, CA

Artfully framed views and carefully crafted finishes set a tone of sophistication and streamlined comfort for this 3,000 sq. ft. high-rise condominium atop San Francisco’s Pacific Heights.

The living areas are clad with beveled eucalyptus paneling and connected to each other through oversized doorways fitted with wide eucalyptus trim—achieving a balance between open plan flow and intentional, composed interior vistas.

Enhanced exterior window and door openings celebrate the breathtaking San Francisco Bay view—spanning from the Golden Gate bridge to the Marin hills to downtown.

    Pac Heights High-Rise

  • Architect: Huang Iboshi Architecture
  • Interior Designer: Darlene Oakley Fridstein Interior Design
  • Photographer: © David Duncan Livingston Photography