Context, discovery, sensitivity and nimble problem-solving are the hallmarks of our approach to seamlessly integrating today’s design and lifestyle values with yesterday’s architecture—be it our task to maintain a classic aesthetic or introduce modern elements.


We are fluent in the entire process of rejuvenating older buildings. With the utmost regard for your home’s stature and character, we take great care in performing remodeling and addition work to ensure a smooth transition between the original and new.

From your architect’s research, the advice of building science and historic experts, property survey information and our experience, we devise a construction approach that minimizes potential obstacles and provides flexibility for the on-site decision-making intrinsic to these projects.


By nature we are dogged in our pursuit of impeccable detailing at all scales. In historic homes skillful, sophisticated detailing applies as much to the new modernized systems and infrastructure behind the walls as it does to the finely crafted finishes you will see every day.

In areas of your home where the old and new intertwine there will inevitably be some details that can’t be drawn and planned in advance. Collaborating with the architect, we work and rework these instances in the field until we instinctually know we’ve arrived at the best solution.


Inspired by the buildings and designs we work on, our company has amassed a deep level of creative expertise that produces resourceful, imaginative custom solutions and masterfully detailed finishes.

Our talented superintendents and carpenters will be complimented on your project by artisans and trade subcontractors who excel at working with older buildings. Together the project team will provide you with an unparalleled level of craft and service.

SF Edwardian

San Francisco, CA

This prominent home is on the National Historic Register of Places. We carefully restored it, transforming it from a 7-unit building back to a family home with separate au pair unit below.

The renovation touched 7,600 sq. ft. of the interior, including five bathrooms, the kitchen and au pair kitchen, six bedrooms, her office, his study, a media area, the living room, and family room.

To enhance the environmental benefits of the home’s systems, we installed five high efficiency, variable speed furnaces. The exterior was updated contextually, with new custom windows made to be energy efficient while matching the historic integrity.

    SF Edwardian

  • Completed: 2010
  • Architect: Huang Iboshi Architecture
  • Photographs: © David Duncan Livingston